Scorpions Revenge


After Scopions clan was killed, Scorpion made a promise to kill the

one who did this. Scorpion looked evrerywere for clues and then he

found two members of The Lin Kuei one dead the other hurt badly (he figured they weren’t sneeky enough and were caught). He demanded the alive one to show him were the Lin Kuei village was. The alive one had no choise, he was going to die anyway. It was a long trip. When the village was in site the Lin Kuei member turned on Scopion and tried to kill him. Scopion doged to ice balls, but brarely. Scorpion threw a fire ball and connected. The member nearly died, since fire is their weakness. The fight was brutal but Scorpoin won by sending his spear right threw the enemys heart and yanked it out.

When Scorpion arrived at the village he was ambushed nobody was a match for Scorpion, except one — Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero was winning the battle, kicks and punches were thron but none landed. Scorpion later found out that that the one he killed was Sub-Zero’s younger brother. Sub-Zero knocked Scorpion unconcise and left.
Scorpion was running everywere looking for Sub-Zero. Scorpion looked everywhere for him, then he found Sub-Zeros hut. Inside of it was a Lin Kuei women, Frost. Scorpion thought a she’s just a girl she cant fight, but he was wrong. Frost got up from the bed and fought. She made the ground freeze but Scorpion jumped. Scorpion punched Frost twice, Frost retaliated by kicking Scorpion out of the hut. Frost pulled out her ice daggers Scorpion pulled out his ninja sword. Scorpion doged all her throws. He stapped Frost in the arm but had little effect on her. Clink! Scorpion broke one of her daggers. Frost impaled the dagger in his leg, he could brarley walk. Scorpion ripped it out of his leg and stapped her arm, the same arm he cut with his sword. Before frost could take it out Scorpion cut her arm off. Frost was nearly dead. She fell to the ground. Scorpion thought she was dead, but just to make sure he took off his mask and burned her. Scorpion looked back in the hut for clues. There he found a note to Frost from Sub-Zero. It said that he was going to enter the tornument. Scorpion knew just what to do, he was going to enter the tornument and kill Sub-Zero.

The trip was long on the way he met Kano. Kano was set to fight Sub-Zero. Scorpion thought if he kills Kano now he will get a better chance to fight Sub-Zero. Scorpion attacked, Kano picked up Scorpion and threw him. Scorpion got out his sword and fought back. Kano got his butterfly knifes out did a hear-to-hear on Scorpion, hurting him very badly. Scorpion knocked the butterfly knifes from his hands and stabed him in the stomach. Kano made lasers come out of his eyes hitting Scorpions sword melting it. Scorpion got mad an amazingly turning himself into a real scorpion. Scorpion grabbed Kano with his claws and ripped him in half. Scorpion turned back into a human and went to the tornument. At the tornument Scorpions first fight was with non-other than Jhonny Cage.
Scorpion wanted Sub-Zero.Scorpions fight was next,he has to fight Jhonny Cage.Jhonny Cage was a good fighter but no match for Scorpion.Jhonny did a splits kick hurting Scorpion.Scorpion roundhouse kicked Jhonny in the head then uppercutted him.Jhonny shadow kicked Scorpion all the way across the room.Jhonny ran at Scorpion,Scorpion threw a fireball straight at his chest killing him instintlly.The crowed cheerd for Scorpion.”So who’s my next victim” said Scorpion.”Me” said a mysterious voice.Scorpion turned around,you could see fear in his eyes it was….Goro.

Their match was tomorrow.Scorpion trained hard that night,the hardest he ever trained.He tested his might and broke the crystle.The day came and Scorpion wanted to vomit he was so nervous,but he needed to kill Goro to fight Sub-Zero.The battle was on.Scorpion fought hard and amazingly weakining Goro.Goro was still strong and threw Scorpion on the ground and started stomping on him.Scorpion got up but Goro picked him up and beated on him with the other two arms.Scorpion was on the ground he got to his knees and summond hellfire on Goro burnning him to death.

Scorpions next match was with Sub-Zero.That day the crowed was seilent.It wasent just a ordinary match it was revenge!The two fighters bowed and then fought.Punch,punch,kick, sending him through the air.Sub-Zero was surprised Scorpion could fight better than last time.Scorpion through out his spear,but Sub-Zero made an ice clone.The spear hit the clone and froze.Sub-Zero gave Scorpion the cold shoulder knocking him to the gound.Sub-Zero punched but Scorpion block it and kicked Sub-Zero in the stomache.Sub-Zero threw an ice ball but Scorpion doged it.Sub-Zero kicked Scorpionin the face and on the second one Scorpion doged it and threw him in the air and did a backflip kick snapping Sub-Zeros neck.Before Sub-Zero died he said that the Lin Kuei was responceible for his famillys murrder but I was not the one.Scorpion was confussed.Then he heared a deep voice say “I am the one you seek I killed your clan and I should of killed you when I had the chance.Now I must send you to!

the nether-relm.”It was,Quan Chi.

“NEVER!!” shouted Scorpion he grabbed Quan Chi and they both went down to the nether-relm.
So Scorpion found out that Quan Chi was the true killer and now their both stuck in the nether-relm. Scorpion attacked, both warriors punched and kicked each other but they both blocked, it was like it was the same person fighting himself. Scorpion closelined Quan Chi making him do a backflip. Quan Chi got out his broad swords, Scorpion didint have a wepon because of Kano, so he kicked one of Quan Chi hands making him release the sword. Scorpion caught it. Cling, cling, it was a bad fight until both fighters hit each others swords so hard the swords broke. Quan Chi threw his fire skull while Scorpion threw his fireball the to wepons hit making a huge explosion. Scorpion hit his head on a rock knocking him out, but nothing happend to Quan Chi ran into a portal that took him to Earth-relem. There he found the Dragon Kings undefeatable army. Quan Chi talked to Shang Tsung and creatated the Deadly Aliance! The two partners went on a killing spree to get the victims souls and put them in to the undefeatable army bringing them to life.

Scorpion looked everywere now for Quan Chi. Scorpion found the potal and jumped threw it. Scorpion didint even notice the army. Shang Tsung and Quan Chi killed many people except Two people, the only people that could stop their alliance Shao Khan and Liu Kang. The alliance went to Shao Khans palace and with a false show of respect they attacked, killing him. Now the must kill the greatest mortal Lui Kang. Shang Tsung went to Liu Kangs kata area. Liu Kang fought him and with the help of Quan Chi they acchived, Liu Kang is dead. The deadly alliance went to Shang Tsungs palace and now the undefeatable is under their control. Scorpion was searching everywere. He went to Liu Kangs kata were he found Kung Lao. “Im not here to fight you I just need your help” Scorpion said. Kung Lao told Scorpion that he saw them go to Shang Tsungs palace. When Scorpion got there Smoke was gaurding the entrance. “If you want to go in there,you have to go through me!” said Smoke. They fought, Scorpion hit him in the face. Smoke punched him in the chest sending him backwards. Smoke launched a rocket Scorpion caught it and threw it back at Smoke blowing him up. Scorpion entered. His long goal will finally be finished.
When Scorpion entered the palace he searched for anybody. Scorpion went down to the dungeon, there he found the greatest Onis of the nether-relm, Drahmin and Moloch. Scorpion punched Moloch in the face and had no effect at all. Moloch hit Scorpion with his big chained ball sending him to Drahmin. Drahmin stepped on Scorpions toes and started nailing him with his iorn club. But Scorpion fought back he jumped in the air and kicked both Onis at the same time. Drahmin was on the ground, so Scorpion attacked Moloch. Moloch kicked Scorpion in the chest, but Scorpion jumped on his shoulders and started punching him in the face. Drahmin got up so Scorpion jumped off Drahmins shoulders and dropkicked him in the back, making him land on Drahmin. Scorpion ran at Drahmin but, Drahmin punched Scorpion with his club sending him through the air. Moloch caught him and threw him against the wall. Scorpion kicked Drahmin in the stomach making blood come out of his mouth. Scorpion picked up Drahmin and threw him in the air and landded on his head, snapping Drahmins neck. “1 down 1 to go” Scorpion said cheerfully to his self. Moloch knocked Scorpion in the chest. “NEVER!” Scorpion shouted. Scorpion threw a fireball at Moloch sending him through the wall. “Now I got a way out of here.” Scorpion said.

He ran everywere only to find Shang Tsung. “You know Scorpion, you will never kill Quan Chi” Shang Tsung said laughing.

“Thats what you think!” Scorpion said.Scorpion attacked Shang Tsung throwing him to the ground and started punching him rappidly. Shang Tsung threw Scorpion off of him and kicked him in the ribs. Scorpions ribs were boken but he still fought. Scorpion sidekicked Shang Tsung in the face and broke his jaw. Shang Tsung punched Scorpion in the rib hurting him very badly. Scorpion punched but Shang Tsung caught it and threw him in the air. Scorpion landded on Shang Tsungs shoulders breaking them both. Shang Tsung was on the ground in pain. Scorpion grabbed Shang Tsungs legs and threw him in the tronado of souls. The souls ripped Shang Tsung appart. Suddenly The Undefeatable Army awoke. Sence they were in a straight line, Scorpion threw his spear in the line killing them all like dominos.”Undefeatable?” Scorpion said laughing.

Scorpion didint find Quan Chi anywere so he went to his palace. Right when he opened the door Scorpion was attacked by Quan Chi. Quan Chi threw Scorpion to the wall and started punching him. Quan Chi threw him over his shoulder. Quan Chi got Scorpion in the headlock, but Scorpion jumped up making Quan Chi hit the celling. Scorpion kicked Quan Chi in the air and caught him choking him. “Revenge Has Come!!” Scorpion said as he threw Quan Chi. Quan Chi ran and kicked Scorpion to the edge of the balcony. Quan Chi was about to tackel Scorpion but, he jumped making Quan Chi fall and break one of his legs. Scorpion jumped off the balcony and landed on Quan Chi. Quan Chi still fought but he was limping. Quan Chi kicked Scorpion in the face and broke hi nose. Scorpion threw a fire ball but Quan Chi jumped and threw a fireskull and conected. Scorpion was badly hurt and so was Quan Chi. Scorpion picked Quan Chi up and threw him to ground. Quan Chi got up and punched Scorpion sending to the ground. Scorpion got up and threw his spear right into Quan Chi’s head and ripped it off. Scorpions promise was finnaly over. Scorpion had no place to live, but he knew excacly were to go…with the good guys.