Show continues!!!

So,after good guys unite with Sub-Zeros(2 brothers),they discover that Kitana also wants to join them.Now it’s a time for final “show”. Sub-Zeros find and fight Scorpion,Kitana fights Mileena ,Quan Chi fights Shang Tsung,Siro and Taja fight Reptile and Kiri,Kung Lao finds Shao Khan,but Khan rders one of his priests to kill the fighter.At that time ,in the temple of the Elder Gods Rayden tells the Elder Gods that everything is out of control and together they try to find solution of the problem.Kung Lao kills the priest and fights Khan.When Immortal Scorpion was about to kill 2 Sub-Zeros,when Reptile and Kiri were about to kill Siro and Taja,when Quan Chi was about to kill Shang,when Mileena was about to kill Kitana a bright flash of lightning appears and teleports everybody to the neutral realm.As it turns out the Elder Gods did it.Kung Lao looses the fight and when Khan was about to finish him by throwing fireball,one of the Elder gods catches the fireball and stops the fight.Now guess what’s gonna happen? Probably the most amazing thing what you could imagine:Khan challenges the Elder God to fight!!! By winning the battle ,Elder God removes all Khan’s superpower and askes everybody ,except Kung Lao and Shao Khan to step aside.Now ,in presense of everybody(Siro,Taja,Kitana,Scorpion,Quan Chi…)the Elder God says that the fate of the uneverse will be decided as it should be-in a fair fight-in MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!

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