Noob Saibot

Life Status:    Immortal

Friends:    None

Enemies:    None

Fighting styles:    I.E.S.A.

Episode:    Noob Saibot



Noob Saibot comes from the darkest, blackest, emptiest realm of all: Netherealm. Here, he lives as a lot of the other creatures do. All of the beings that exist in Netherealm are corpses, half-dead bodies, hell demons, freaks, creeps, monsters, ghosts or maybe nothing more than shadows. Noob Saibot is a fortunate one, he has been able to maintain his sanity. His actual origin is not clear, but we do know that he is probably one of the most powerful warriors in Netherealm.


It’s not known how he does it, but Noob Saibot has some sort of ability to transport from one realm to the other. It means nothing to him, though. Each universe is identical to the next, in his eyes. His emotion does not vary much: anger, bloodlust, pleasure… that’s about it. Noob Saibot’s body is made from many different (and odd) materials, including the dark, shadows, toxic chemicals, ashes and oil. This unique combination allows him to slide along the floor, or perhaps become one with a shadowy corner.

All of this makes Noob Saibot an interesting warrior, especially to people who will pay him the right amount to annihilate anyone they wish. Any person who is powerful enough can summon Noob Saibot, give him orders and fork out the cash (or perhaps other services) when the deed is done.


Extremely annoying and bewildering to anyone that goes up against him. Noob Saibot keeps a low stance when fighting, making it quite easy for him to roll and sidestep, and making it quite hard for his enemy to land a hit. A vast array of flips, twists and rolls are at Noob Saibot’s disposal, and he uses these skills to execute razor-sharp, unavoidable moves. But some may wonder why Noob Saibot would ever need to use the iron bar, hidden inside the muscles of his arm. He can easily force the bar out of his arm when he wishes, therefore putting his opponents at a severe and unfair disadvantage.


The way Noob Saibot moves, the way he switches stances, the way he whips his feet around like they were made of paper. All of this added up and you have a fighter that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to hit. Not only that, his taunting and rhythmic manoeuvres irritate his opponents to frustration, causing them to loose focus and loose important states of concentration.