Life Status:    Immortal

Friends:    None

Enemies:    Kitana

Fighting styles:    Tae Kwon DoNinjitsu

Episode:    Shadow of a Doubt



Mileena was an exceptionally skilled soldier of Shao Kahn’s forces. Her fighting abilities were above many other of her companions, and the emperor favoured her for it. But a lot of warriors wouldn’t look twice at Mileena, literally. This is because of her unbelievably ugly face: her forehead is hideously low, her teeth are crooked and bucked, her eyes are small and squinty and her skin is wrinkled and rotten. For this, much of the emperor’s minions mistake her to be weak and stupid, and this has caused Mileena to be an outcast.

But Shao Kahn had sympathy for the woman, so he devised a plan against the Mortal Kombat champion, Kung Lao, that involved her help. It was ingenius.

Using his magical sword, Shao Kahn captured Pincess Kitana’s reflection and cealed it inside the sword. he summoned Mileena, and transferred Kitana’s reflection to her face. Within seconds, Mileena was the image of Kahn’s stepdaughter in every way. The emperor promised that if Mileena were to assassinate Kung Lao, he’d allow her to remain beautiful forever.

Meanwhile, down in the Cobolt Mines, a spy named Vorpax reported to sorcerer Shang Tsung about the plan. Being Kung Lao’s arch enemy, Shang wanted Lao to die by his own hand. He told Vorpax to warn Mileena that if she killed Kung Lao, Shang Tsung would return the favour and kill her.

Upon seeing Mileena, Kung Lao thought he was looking at his close friend, Kitana. Mileena had loads of chances to murder him, but after hearing the sorcerer’s threat, she could never scrape up the courage. When she finally did, though, Kitana turned up just in time.

After loosing to the princess and failing to kill the champion, the bottom half of Mileena’s face lost its beauty. Shao Kahn sent her back to the army with a mask to cover the ugliness.

Leaving her Kitana’s radiant eyes to remind her of what she tried to be, he also left her a horrid mouth to remind her of what she really was.


Mileena is still called to the emperor to carry out deeds once in a while, so she hasn’t been totally punished. Her new eyes and forehead are better than nothing. She gets more attention and praise than she used to, but she will always hate the pretty girl who destroyed her lifelong dream.


A very aggressive and vicious fighter, Mileena takes pleasure in hearing her enemies gasp in pain and surprise. Every blow she lands adds another aspect to the fight, as it persuades her opponent to try something else. Although every strike may be hard, sharp and breaking, she never has the exact focus needed to perfect her abilities. Her burning anger sometimes fuels her to attack without thinking, never considering the possibility that it might not be the right kind of move. Mileena is definetely not lacking in killer instinct, but she does have too much of it. She is an expert with the two Sai blades she hides in her boots, and her use of kicks is certainly admirable.

Mileena’s defence, however, needs to be much, much better. If she just took the time to think about defending herself, and maybe train that little bit harder, she would be that little bit deadlier. But disappointingly, her defence falls flat on its ass when it comes to blocking a mere kick to the head. Mileena is much more capable than that but her personality sees defence as cowardly and time-consuming.