Life Status:    Immortal

Friends:    Siann, Sora, Quan Chi

Enemies:    Shang Tsung, Qali, Kung Lao, Siro, Taja

Fighting styles:    Vale TudoHikka Ken



Mika was once a rotting corpse, a dead body of something that was never alive. Such a thing can only exist in the horror world known as the Netherealm. There lost souls float aimlessly in the skies and monsters lurk behind every corner. Mika didn’t even have a name before she was found by the gifted sorcer Quan Chi.

Quan Chi had a plan. He would find as many carcasses as possible, and bring them to life as amazingly skilled warriors. Quan Chi was looking to capture as many souls as he could, with the help of his undead slaves. If all went according to plan, Quan Chi could become one of the wealthiest men in existence.

Even though Mika’s life is a million times what it used to be, she is still maltreated by her master, who threatens to return her to oblivion if she takes a wrong step.


Mika is currently staying in Quan Chi’s fortress, where he is slowly trying to build an army of walking corpses, every one of them just like her. She is also after making a handful of enemies, though, so it would be wise of her to mind herself. She has fought many people who had nothing against her. But she has done at the order of Quan Chi, who is the one holding her beautiful body together. And that is good enough for her.


Mika’s main flaw is hidden, but it is proven if you watch her battles closely. When she fights against someone who she is sure she can beat, she will not hold back and will let loose many of her smashing moves. But when she fights against someone she knows has great powers and fierce abilities, she will become frightened and will fight with great hesitation. She can be as quick and as strong and as deadly as she wants to, but her fear is the obstacle that she must conquer the most.

Hugely impressive when faced with an average foe, but becomes a little weak against larger challenges. An example of this is her fight against Kung Lao: at the beginning of the fight, she tumbles and dodges any way she can. But then she learns how skillful he is, and becomes unsure of whether to launch an attack or put up a strong defense.