Life Status:    Immortal

Friends:    Kreeya, her sisters

Enemies:    Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Kung Lao, Siro, Taja

Fighting styles:    Pi Qua QuanHakke Sho

Vorpax is in Shao Khan’s prison where she meets Shang Tsung! She tries to help him to kill Kung Lao and get out of prison!



Vorpax is the first-born daughter of a queen named Kreeya. Kreeya, like emperor of Outworld Shao Kahn, is intent on conquering all other realms for her glorious empire. She will travel to the target realm herself, and mate with one male from that realm. That is when Kreeya’s unique abilities come into play. Kreeya does not give birth to only one or two children, she spawns a whole army of female warriors.

Vorpax is the very first warrior Kreeya gave birth to. In Vorpax’s world, all of the women are in some way the offspring of Kreeya. All of Kreeya’s daughters, incuding Vorpax, inherit some of her amazing combat skills. It is the women who fight the wars in this world, and not the men.

When Kreeya found out about the realm known as Earth, she sent Vorpax to examine the people there and find out about their ways. Unfortunately, Vorpax was spotted as a suspicious individual by Shao Kahn, who imprisoned her in the Cobolt Mines of Outworld. Here she met her temporary ally and future enemy, sorcerer Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung treated Vorpax like filth. Sometimes he would even sexually harass her, and then threaten to kill her if she did anything about it. Even though she was the first-born of a mighty warrior, she was no match for Shang Tsung’s abilities.

She was forced to play along with his attempts at killing his sworn enemy, Kung Lao – Earth’s best fighter and champion of Mortal Kombat.

Vorpax did Shang Tsung’s biddings willingly, but only to keep her cover and prevent exposure as to who she really was.



Vorpax is now no longer on Shang Tsung’s side. One dark day in Outworld, a raging army of female warriors attacked the forces guarding the entrance to the Cobolt Mines. Only three of the fighters made it into the Mines, where they found and defeated Shang Tsung. They succeeded in capturing him and freeing their loyal princess, Vorpax. But Shang Tsung escaped eventually, and now he is loose in Earth Realm. Vorpax stands by her queen, and helps make decisions such as who to attack and when to atack. Kreeya’s forces are not growing as quickly now, since the Earth mortals are destroying all of her hives and preventing a strong army from developing. This not only infuriates Kreeya and Vorpax, but also their ally – Reptile, ruler of Zaterra. Time is running out. Reptile has turned traitor for Kreeya, betraying Shao Kahn in the hopes that he will conquer both Outworld and Earth Realm with her.


Vorpax’s fighting style could be dexcribed as beautiful. The way she moves makes you think of a ballet dance. Her arms often swing wildly while she fights, often confusing her opponent and making her next move totally unpredictable. She is extremely light on her feet and can pull off amazingly graceful moves without making a sound. But she does have a downfall, and that is her strength. Vorpax isn’t exactly all muscle, and there isn’t a trace of fat on her unusually curvy body. With no muscle and (thankfully) no fat, there is no chance that Vorpax can be strong. Therefore she has to work very hard in her attempts at hurting her opponents, as most of her attacks do little more than stun them momentarily.

Vorpax’s defense could do with a little dusting off. Since she has to try harder than others to inflict damage, she seems to forget the need to block. When her opponent attacks, she usually doesn’t block and instead launches herself into a quick and effective counter-attack, striking them before they can strike her. This type of defense is useful for a while, but it does become extremely tiring for Vorpax and eventually she will become desperate to win the fight, only making things worse for herself.