Interesting Trivia

The following trivia was sent by tour guide Wes Carr who was part of the Backstage Pass Tour which took groups through the soundstages at Disney/MGM Studio where MKC was filmed:

  • There was an elevated balcony above the stages behind a soundproof glass window where the guests could look down on what was going on.
  • The Cast Members who worked there were told not to speak to any of the actors unless spoken to.
  • Tracy Douglas kept having wardrobe malfunctions with her costume, and it happened so often she wasn’t even surprised when it did happen. The crew didn’t seem to mind.
  • Fabiana Udenio was filming a scene when she blew a line and started cursing. Since the glass in the tour hallway was soundproof, all the guests saw was the crew cracking up without knowing why.
  • Besides the cobalt mines and city set, there was also Shao Khan’s throne which was carved out of fiberglass and weighed over 300 lbs. There was also a “swing set”, which was basically a large box that could be redressed and used as different locations like the Lin Kuei temple.

Thank you very much!

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