Life Status:    Mortal

Friends:    Kung Lao

Enemies:    None

Fighting styles:    (supposedly) ShaolinJujitsu

Episode:   The Festival of Death



Many years ago, when Lori was a young girl, she trained as a martial artist in the Temple of the Order of Light. The monks there were very kind to her, and they trained her extremely well to become a very formidable fighter. She became friendly with a boy her own age named Kung Lao, who also trained at the temple. But Kung Lao was a year older, and when it was his time, he left the temple to start a life. By the time it was Lori’s turn to leave, she had lost contact with Kung Lao and didn’t see him again for a long time.


Lori eventually did catch up with Kung Lao, asking him to train her to become as skilled as him. But at this time, there was a fighting festival after being set up in Zhu ZHin, run by the notorious warrior Qali. It was a tournament, and the winner was said to receive a hefty sum of prize money. Lori jumped at the chance, not knowing that the tournament was a scheme set up by the sorcer Quan Chi to gather new souls. Lori won the tournament, but when Kung Lao, Siro and Taja arrived, hell broke loose and the captured souls escaped. The three Earth warriors managed to escape, while the fiery souls killed everyone inside. Including Lori.


Lori’s matches in the tournament were not shown in the series, so it’s difficult to tell how she fights. However, since she was trained by the same monks as Kung Lao, it’s very likely that her style is similar to his.


Kung Lao

Life Status: Immortal (for as long as he remains the champion of Mortal Kombat)

Friends:  Taja, Siro, Kitana, Rayden, The Order of Light

Enemies:  Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Scorpion, Rain, Noob Saibot and all other enemies of Earth Realm

Fighting styles: Wu ShuShaolinJujitsu



Kung Lao is from a martial arts monastery, The Order of Light (later to be known as The White Lotus Society). There he grew up with family and friends, who all lived as monks and taught martial arts to one another. The trainers there were unbelievably talented. Kung Lao once said about one of his trainers, ‘He taught me moves that I thought were impossible.’

Kung Lao went into the heart of the harsh training, and came out undoubtably the best fighter anyone in the monastery had ever seen. His abilities eventually led him to defending Earth Realm in the tournament Mortal Kombat. He faced a warrior named Shang Tsung, an evil sorcerer with fighting skills matching Kung Lao’s. Shang ended up at Kung Lao’s mercy, but Lao refused to finish him off. This insident is one which Kung lao is soon to regret. He won the tournament, achieving immortality and holding the Outworld forces at bay for another generation. At the time, he was in love with a beautiful woman named Jen Reyland. But her father the Baron refused to let them into a relationship, for fear of Jen being hurt now that Lao was a prime target for all Outworld assassins. And that is exactly what happened. In an attempt to destroy his new enemy, Shang Tsung sent an assassin named Scorpion (disguised as a man named Takeda) to assissinate him. Scorpion failed, but tried again by luring Kung lao into a trap using Jen. In the heat of a huge fight, Jen was caught in the middle and killed by Scorpion.


Kung Lao now lives in the trading post which the Reylands used to own. Living with him are two other strong fighters: Jen’s former bodyguard, Siro, and former thief, Taja. Kung Lao makes his living by fighting the Outworld killers and all who threaten the ones he loves. But every day he also lives with two major regrets: the untimely death of his beloved Jen and the mercy given to the wretched monster Shang Tsung.


There are no boundaries to what Kung Lao is capable of. His punches are as swift as wind and his kicks are just plain flawless. His moves are timed perfectly, leading to clean punishing blows. His main weapons are his legs, which he uses in a huge variety of ways, either to attack or to block. There is no weakness in any of his attacks, no matter what kind of opponent he is facing.

When Kung Lao defends himself, it is not long before he is attacking again. The second he evades an incoming attack, he immediately launches a counter assault, using his opponents own attack against them. He loves to grab hold of an attacking fist and have his opponent helplessly stand there while he batters them with his educated feet.

Kung Lao knows many kill moves like the Vaulting Axe where the foot must hit the neck. That’s his specialty move. But usually he starts with that Small Kata.