Life Status:    Immortal

Friends:    Kung Lao, Siro, Taja

Enemies:    Shao Kahn

Fighting styles:    JudoTae Kwon Do



Rayden is the God of Thunder. He is the offspring of two Elder Gods, along with the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn. Thousands of years ago, Rayden was forced to fight his brother to the death for the family throne. Whoever won would become an Elder God alongside their parents. Rayden mangaged to defeat Shao Kahn, but he was not ruthless enough to kill him. As a result, neither of them became an Elder God. Rayden was bestowed as the God of Thunder, and Shao Kahn was sent as the ruler of a wasted realm, destroyed by malevolence. That realm was Outworld. As Shao Kahn’s power grew and grew, his armies and forces also grew and grew.

Eventually, he became so powerful that he was worthy of being bowed to. He found that he could invade other realms, and clame them as his own. Every realm he invades becomes another colony of Outworld, and by now Shao Kahn has built an empire over galaxies of realms. As for Rayden, he is just as much of a tyrant as Kahn, but less of a monster. Rayden is not only the God of Thunder, but the protector of a realm known as Earth. This is the final realm Shao Kahn needs to conquer before he can call himself the ruler of all existence. But to capture this realm, Shao Kahn must win ten consecutive tournaments of Mortal Kombat, a battle between Outworld fighters and warriors from Earth realm.

Every generation, Rayden must choose his band of warriors and send them to fight in the tournament. But Rayden is forbidden to interfere in the battles or aid the mortals, unless one of the competitors breaks the sacred rules of Mortal Kombat.


The current champion of Mortal Kombat is Kung Lao, who successfully defeated Outworld sorcerer Shang Tsung in the last tournament. Rayden stands by Kung Lao as he waits for the next tournament to come, and defend Earth realm yet again. But Lao isn’t alone. With him are the other Earth warriors, Siro and Taja. As the three fighters encounter many different enemies and fatal situations, Rayden guides them along the way. He often appears to them out of nowhere, offering them clues and hints as to how to deal with the problems at hand. But he must always remember not to tell them the solution directly, as this may jeopardize Mortal Kombat and risk many of his rights as the protector of Earth realm.


After thousands of years as the Thunder God, Rayden’s combat skills are nothing short of devastating. The strength of his attacks make Kung Lao look like a fool. His body is made up of pure electricity, giving him a huge and destructive advantage. It isn’t rare that an explosion of electical charge occurs when he drives a blow into his opponent. You might think that since the power of his attacks are so immense, then it can’t be possibel for him to be nimble. Wrong. Rayden is as quick, fast and agile as any living thing can possibly be. The height of his jumps are astonishing and the gracefulness of his flips is amazing. In all fairness, though, he IS a superhuman powered fighter, who possesses unimaginable martial arts skills.

Rayden can defend as well as he can attack, maybe even better. You will see, as he battles an opponent in one of the episodes, an example of his unique defense skills. His foe attempts to strike Rayden with a mighty sword, but Rayden is able to snatch the sword between his hands as it comes down on him. This kind of stunt requires ultimate timing, superior strength and lightning (heh, heh) speed reflexes.



Life Status:    Mortal

Friends:    Kung Lao, Siro, Rayden

Enemies:    Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Vorpax, Kreeya, Qali

Fighting styles:    Freestyle BoxingJudo




When Taja was a young girl in her early teens, she belonged to a family of travellers. They were not a very wealthy family, but they were happy nonetheless. But one day, while her family were setting up camp in the middle of a forest, Taja wandered off exploring, never realizing that she would never see them again.

Taja used the only talent she knew to survive: stealing. Sometimes Taja would have to go extremely out of her way to achieve something. Her youth did not set a limit for her, and she would sneak into a king’s palace if necessary. As she grew up, she became one of the most sly and skillful thieves in the world. But along with stealing, she picked up the ability to fight. Fighting was essential for thieves, for even the most silent of burglars occasionally get spotted.

One day Taja teamed up with another thief in an attempt to mug the local Baron Reyland’s daughter Jen and her bodyguard, Siro. Unfortunately, Siro defeated both of them and even managed to arrest Taja, who was sentenced by the Baron to work as a slave.

Meanwhile, a man named Kung Lao had also been in trouble with the Baron for attempted romance with Jen. The Baron hated the idea of Jen being married to the latest champion of the Mortal Kombat tournament, thinking it an unsuitable lifestyle for his daughter.

In one last attempt to free Kung Lao, Jen freed Taja, seeking her help. Taja defeated all of the Baron’s guards single-handedly, allowing Kung Lao to escape from danger. Things went wrong again, though. A lethal assassin named Scorpion captured Jen in the hopes of luring Kung Lao to a battle.

By this time, Taja had become friendly with both Siro and Kung Lao and joined them on a mission to rescue Jen. While Taja and Siro fought the monks who had been cursed by Scorpion, Kung Lao battled him in the Temple of the Order of Light.

Taja helped Kung Lao and Siro in destroying Scorpion, but the win was more of a loss, as Jen’s dead body lay burned on the floor.


Taja lives with Siro and Kung Lao at the trading post in Zhu Zhin, which once belonged to the late Baron and Jen Reyland. Frequent attacks have been made on the three warriors. As the champion, Kung Lao must be wary as the furious fighters of Outworld try to annihilate Earth’s only hope. Taja’s unique martial arts abilities and sneaky theft skills lend a massive helping hand to her friends as they stand fighting for their realm.


Taja’s range of attacks is surprislingly limited, for she is not as athletic as some other warriors in the series. She ends up being pitted against quite good fighters, and therefore her variety of techniques have little effect on a lot her opponents. But if she were to use her strengths to her advantage, she would make a very formidable foe. Her main strength is undeniably obvious: punching. Taja’s punches may very well be the most devastating of all the fighters. When she nails an enemy in the face with her fist, she immediately gains the upper hand in the fight. But Taja must NEVER try to kick, for it will one day be the death of her. Her kicks are disgustingly weak, and her enemies can see them coming a mile away.

I think everyone will agree that Taja’s defense is very poor indeed. Her arrogance while fighting leads her to believe that she can take the impact of the foot slamming into her ribs. Taja’s main motto….’Hit them before they hit you.’