Life Status:    Immortal

Friends:    Vorpax, Reptile

Enemies:    Kung Lao, Taja, Siro, Shao Kahn

Fighting style:    Kung Fu



Kreeya is the queen of an unknown realm. It is much the same as the others, with only one difference: its the females who do battle. The men in their realm stay put while Kreeya and her armies of warrior women set out, conquering lands to add to the queen’s growing empire.
Not only is she the queen of her race, but she is the mother of every inhabitant. There’s not one person in her world that has some relation to her, and therefore she is the oldest, wisest and most powerful being of her realm.



Kreeya’s first-born daughter, Vorpax, has escaped from the Cobolt Mines and from Shang Tsung. He is a mighty sorcerer who mistreated Vorpax and kept her prisoner in the mines. But Vorpax kept her real identity secret, and she patiently waited for her mother to save her. And so, one day when Shang Tsung was alone, Kreeya sent an army of her fighters to attack the mines. The owner of the mines, emperor of Outworld Shao Kahn, was unaware of this and his forces had to do battle without his leadership. A handful of the women made it into the mines, where they fought and defeated Shang Tsung, taking him and Vorpax out of the tunnels and straight back to Kreeya.
With her daughter safely home, Kreeya has hopes to destroy Shao Kahn’s empire and claim it as her own. Not only that, she plans to take over Earth Realm in the process, by mating with a male from the mortal land and spawning another few thousand more warriors. To aid her in her quest, she has joined forces with the leader of a fallen realm, Reptile. By mating with him, she will have another few thousand fighters at her disposal. if all goes according to plan, Kreeya will eventaully have anough armies to take on the ruthless Shao Kahn and snatch Outworld from his grasp.


She may not look it, but Kreeya is as strong as an ox. She can easily lift a large wooden crate over her head and some of the attacks she lands on her opponents have lasting damage. She took on both Shang Tsung and Kung Lao at the same time for much longer than could be expected. Her speed and reflexes are just as deadly, as she can attack and defend in all directions without difficulty. She has an amazing talent to recover from hits in an instant, making fighting her a hard and fatal task. Her use of sword-straight punching seems blinding and the way she places her kicks is a dream to watch.

Kreeya probably learned to defend before she could walk. Her evasive tactics work wonderfully when fighting kick-based opponents, while her mastered blocking experience aids her like magic when going up against more aggressive fighters. Often she will turn an incoming attack the other way by snatching the enemy limb and holding her opponent in place, allowing her to drive in with a strong counter attack or simply throw her foe head-over-heels.