The Return of Raiden

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    NOTE: I do not own Mortal Kombat Conquest or its characters and any other MK characters.

    A small class of students dig near the school they go to. Their teacher for the period is an archaeologist and planned on digging outside the school to see if they could find anything. A small group of girls dig for a while before one looks up and asks,”How much longer? My back is starting to ache.” A red head shrugs ,”Don’t know.” She continues digging until her shovel hit something.
    Hope it’s not another rock.”, she thinks. She gets down and picks up the object. She dusted it off and looks at it confusingly. It’s an amulet with a blue orb and a dragon in the middle of it.
    “What did you find Alyssa?”, her teacher calls out. Alyssa turned and held out the amulet to him. The teacher takes a look at it.
    “Ah, you have found the Amulet of Raiden.”, he says. Alyssa raises a brow,”The what?”
    “The Amulet of Raiden. It is said that a God from another place made this amulet so that when he died, his soul would be transferred to the amulet, and whoever found it, he would help guide them through trouble.”, he explained,” but it’s probably a fake someone burried. A lot of people are looking for the real one. Even scientists are looking for it. Anyway, you can keep it, no need to have it in my house if it’s not real.” He handed it back to Alyssa and walked away. Alyssa looked at it and smiled to herself.
    “Guide them through trouble? Sounds like the kind of friend that would help you, no matter what. I’m kind of jealous now.”, she said to herself. Alyssa put the amulet around her neck and continued digging. The amulet made a faint glow.

    Alyssa looked up at the clock in the class room. One more minute. She watched the red hand move and waited.
    The bell rang. The whole class got up and went to their lockers. One of Alyssa’s friends walked up to her,”Hey Alyssa.”
    “Oh, hey Meg.”, Alyssa greeted back.
    “Where did you get that amulet?”, Meg asked.
    “Found it while digging. The teacher said I could keep it.”, she replied.
    “Cool, what are you doing this weekend? I was planning on having our friends to have sleepover on Saturday.”, Meg said. Alyssa shrugged,”Not much, I’ll ask my mom to be sure though.” Meg nods and they both walk out of school. The amulet gives off a faint glow again.

    Alyssa looks down at her homework, trying to figure a problem out. By the time she finishes all of her homework, it’s time for her to go to bed. Alyssa gets dressed and gets under the covers. She falls asleep, with the amulet, still around her neck.

    Alyssa wakes up and looks around. There is mist everywhere, rock pillars, and mines. She looks at herself and sees that she has armor and a sword in her hand.
    “Why am I in armor? Why am I here?”, she asked herself. She then hear a deep voice.
    “Let’s see what gifts we have for our guest.”
    Alyssa looked around the corner to see a man in white clothing, two body guards, and a big man in a leather jacket and part of a skull for a mask.
    “Ok, this got weird and a bit scary.”, Alyssa said. It was a while before the man raised his arm to the man in white clothing. Alyssa felt a sudden surge of energy and ran toward the skull-masked man. She jumped over the other man and drove her sword throughthe skull- masked mans chest. She then woke up to reality and saw a man in blue and white robes, white hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin.

    “Ahh!”, Alyssa hollered. When she did, her hand slipped and she fell onto the floor.
    “Ow.” The man picked her up and started checking her arms,”Oh God umm, on a scale of one to ten, how do you feel?”, he asked. Alyssa looked at him,” Pain or the situation?”, she asked. He thought about it,”Pain.”
    “A three.”
    “Oh, ok.”, he said, calming down a bit.
    “Who are you?”, Alyssa asked.
    “Oh, I’m Raiden-“, he stopped when he put his hand to his chest. He looked down at his hands.
    “Umm, are you ok?”, Alyssa asked. Raiden kept looking at his hands. He flexed his fingers and flipped over his hands a couple of times.
    “I’m…alive?”, he asked. Alyssa shrugged. Raiden finally gave a cheer and hugged Alyssa tightly.
    “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”, he said. Alyssa smiled a bit,”Um, for what though?”
    “You stopped me from dying which lead to Shao Khan not taking over Zhu Zin!”, he said and gave a kiss to her cheek. Alyssa blushed a bit. She then heard footsteps coming her way. Alyssa quickly opened her closet door and pushed Raiden in.
    “What the-”
    “Look I’m doing this for your own good. Just stay quite!”, Alyssa pleaded. Before he could answer, she closed the door. Alyssa’s father opened the door and looked at her,”Are you ok?”, he asked.
    “Yeah, I just had a nightmare and fell off the bed.”, she said. Her father nodded and left. Alyssa waited until she heard him go down the stairs. When she did, she pulled Raiden out of the closet,”Sorry.”
    “That’s fine, lets turn in for the night.”, he said. Alyssa gave a confused look. Raiden used his powers to return into the amulet.
    “Are you sure you want to be in the amulet? I could always sleep on the floor or something you know?”, Alyssa asked.
    “Ah, I don’t care as much anymore. I’m alive and that’s how I want it to be, plus, we have a lot to do tomorrow.”, Raiden said.
    We? what do you mean ‘we?'”, Alyssa asked,”I have school tomorrow.”
    “Don’t worry about it. You’ll see.”, Raiden says. Alyssa yawns and gets under the covers,”Alright, only because I trust you.”, she says and they both slowly drift to sleep.

    A alarm on Alyssa’s phone went off, stating it was 6 o’clock in the morning. Alyssa grabs her phone and turned off the alarm.
    “Awake in there?”, Alyssa asked, lazily. No replie. Alyssa sighs and gets up and stretches. After that Alyssa goes down and starts getting ready for school.

    Raiden woke up, looking around a bit.
    “Oh yeah, I’m still in the amulet.”, he says to himself.
    “Morning bud.”, a voice says. Raiden smiles, realizing who it was.
    “Morning unknown person.”, he says. Alyssa gives a small laugh,”Alyssa. But you can call me Lee as well.” Raiden nods and rests his head on his hands.
    “Are you hungry?”, Alyssa asks.
    “A bit, got anything?”
    “Well, we have honeybuns, ceral, juice, fruit, and other things in the cafeteria.”
    “What do we have for fruit?”
    “Apples and oranges.”
    “An apple is fine Lee, thanks.”, Raiden says.
    “No problem Ray.”,Alyssa replies and grabs an apple from the cafeteria when she gets to school. She sat down at a table and Raiden came out of the amulet as a spirit and ate the apple. Raiden was almost at the core when he heard a voice call Alyssa’s name. It was a boy with black hair and hazel eyes and a leather jacket. Raiden threw the remains of the apple away and put his hands on Alyssa’s shoulders. Alyssa blushed again. Raiden seemed to be overprotective, which Alyssa couldn’t blame because she was the same way.

    The boy came over and sat at the same table Alyssa was at. Alyssa growled a bit, knowing who this kid was.
    “Hey Lee, how are you?”, he asked. Alyssa got up and moved to a different table, making sure that she knew some of the people sitting there so that the kid would go away. He didn’t. Instead, he took the seat right next to her. Alyssa growled. Raiden tightened his grip on her shoulders.
    “You know him?”, Raiden asks, still in his spirit form so that no one can see him, but Alyssa.
    “Sadly, I do and I wish I didn’t.”, she responds. Apparently she spoke a little to loud, because the boy heard her and asked,”Who are you talking to?”
    “No one. Now go away, Kent.” (A/n sorry if thats your real name.)
    The boy laughs a bit,”But your beauty keeps me coming back to you.”, he says, flirting with her. Alyssa wasn’t impressed. She hated him as much as she hated spiders.
    “I’m not dumb enough to fall for your flirts Kent, I never liked you and I never will, deal with it.”, she said. Kids around them clapped and cheered. Others made the ‘oooh’ sound and said “Roasted!”. Alyssa didn’t care much. It always happened, it was almost like a daily bases for this to happen.

    Raiden looked around, a bit confused of what was happening.
    “Roasted what?”, he asked. Alyssa almost bursted out laughing because she forgot, Raiden, was still out, but kept it to a small laugh.
    “Basically I showed him right, Ray.” Raiden nodded. The bell rang. Raiden went back into the amulet and Alyssa went to her first class.

    Alyssa worked on a test in her math class as the whole class waited for the bell. A minute went by.
    “Lee, how much longer? I’m getting bored looking at what you have to work on and listening to things I don’t understand.”, Raiden whispered. Alyssa looked at the clock,”Just a few more seconds.” Raiden waited patiently.
    “Five…four…three…two…one!”, Alyssa whispered. The bell rang and everyone turned in their tests and left the classroom. Alyssa grabbed her stuff for the afternoon and started heading out to the cafeteria. She made it to the six- grade floor when Kent stopped her in the hallway. He saw the amulet and got a hold of it.
    “What is this?”, he asked, snapping it off her neck.
    “Hey! Give it back!”, Alyssa said. Two of Kent’s friends grabbed her by the arms and held her. Alyssa struggled to escape their grasp. Kent raised the amulet above his head. He went to throw it down, but he couldn’t move his hand or arm. Kent looked up to see one of the security guards of the school. Alyssa smiled,”Striker!”

    Striker held out his hand under the amulet,”Drop it.”, he said. Kent willingly dropped it in his hand. Striker let go of his hands and the guys who held Alyssa let her go.
    “Run along little kitties.”, he said. The three of them ran off, leaving Alyssa. Striker handed her the amulet.
    “Thanks Strike.”, she said, taking the amulet.
    “No problem kid.”, he said and walked off.
    “Are you ok Raiden?”, Alyssa asked.
    “Yeah, I thought things were going to go downhill there.”, he said.
    “You’re not the only one.”, she said. Alyssa got in the cafeteria and looked at the amulet.
    “Hey, the hook isn’t broken!”, Alyssa said, surprised.
    “Yeah, made sure of that when I made it.”, Raiden said. Alyssa put the amulet around her neck again and waited for her table to be called.
    “Hey, what was that thing you wanted us to do today?”, Alyssa asked.
    “You’ll see.”, Raiden says. Alyssa smiles and rolls her eyes. Her table is called and she gets up for lunch. Alyssa grabbed tacos since the lunch ladies gave out two tacos for lunch. Alyssa grabbed a milk and a fruit cup, put in her code, and sat back down. Raiden came back out in his spirit form and looked confusingly at the taco.
    “The heck? Lee, what am I looking at?” Alyssa covered her mouth and laughed a bit.
    “Lee, I’m serious. What am I looking at?” Alyssa just laughed more.
    “Oh my god. Raiden, it’s a taco.”, Alyssa said, still laughing. Raiden looked at the taco again,”How are you suppose to eat it?” Alyssa stopped laughing and took a bite of hers from the side. Raiden looked at it and shrugged and finally took a bite out of it. Alyssa watched with a smirk,”So how is it?”
    “Shut up. It’s fine.”, he said. Alyssa left him alone and ate her lunch, quietly.

    The bell rang for the next class after lunch. Raiden returned into the amulet and Alyssa threw out the remains of her lunch and went to class. Before she could get there though, the amulet glowed brightly.
    “Ray, what’s happening?”, Alyssa asked concerned.
    “The thing that ‘we’ are going to do”, Raiden said. Before Alyssa asked ‘what?’, she felt herself be sucked in the amulet and was knocked out unconscious.

    Alyssa woke up in a dark place with what she assumed was a window where she could see outside.
    “Where am I?”
    “Inside my amulet.”
    “What?!”, Alyssa exclaimed. She sat up looked around. She was inside the amulet. Outside was a view of a forest with a lake in the middle of it.
    “How long was I out for?”, Alyssa asked.
    “About an hour. I was waiting for to wake up.”, he responded.
    “Wait there are two amulets?”
    “Yeah, one for me and the other for whoever found it. That we can both go back to our worlds if we separate, but I’ll teach you that another time. Right now I have to check on something.”, Raiden said.
    “What happened to ‘we’?”, Alyssa questioned.
    “That is if I can find some friends of mine.”, Raiden answered. He got up from a rock he was sitting on and started walking out of the forest.

    Alyssa looked around from inside the amulet.
    “Where are we?”, she asked. It was her first question since Raiden had gotten out of the forest.
    “Zhu Zin.”, he responded.
    “You mean, the place I somehow saved when I saved you?”
    “Why is this place so important?”
    “It is the place in the middle of each realm. Outworld can come here without being really noticed. That’s what makes Zhu Zin special.” Alyssa stayed quiet again. Raiden made it to the Trading Post that Siro, Taja, and Kung Lao used to stay- that is if they are still dead. He opened the door and looked around. They were no where in sight.
    “Siro…Taja…Kung Lao!”, Raiden called out. No reply. Raiden gripped the amulet on his robe,”I believe we still have to revive my friends Lee. Then the real adventure begins.”


    Cool. When are the sequels coming?


    Soon. Very soon.


    A/N: Sorry it took me so long to acctually get to type up the second made up episode.

    Alyssa looked out side of the amulet, looking around at the items around in the building.
    “Well, do you mind if we headed back to school? Missing a class affects my grades.”, Alyssa said, looking up as if Raiden was looking down at her.

    “Grades? What are those?”, he asked. Alyssa mentally facepalmed herself,”Right, not only is he from a different place, but maybe also a different time.” she thought to herself. Alyssa tried thinking of a way to explain grades.
    “Scores that help decide if I pass or fail school.”, Alyssa finally responded. Raiden was still some what confused. “Is it a live or die situation?”
    “Kind of,-”
    That’s all it took for Raiden to switch spots. Alyssa was back in the hallway, holding her items she needed for class. Alyssa stared down at the amulet for a moment, before a voice broke her out of her trance.

    “Alyssa, were are you coming from?” Alyssa jumped and looked behind her, seeing Striker. Her heart started skipping beats, what now?
    “I’m coming from. . . the nurse?”, she responded. Striker raised a brow.
    “I had a headache.” Striker sighed and allowed her to get to class. Alyssa used the same excuse to tell her teacher why she was late. The rest of the day was normal.

    Alyssa got home and laied out on her bed, her face in her pillows. Raiden came out of the amulet, in his human form, looking down at the red head.
    “Are you alright?”, he asked. Alyssa nodded taking her face out of the pillows, “It’s been a long week for me, I’m just happy it’s Friday going onto Saturday. Oh and by the way, no more little trips during school. It’ll kill me.”, she said. Raiden gave her his confused look again, “How?” Alyssa sighed and shook her head, “Nevermind.” Alyssa turned on the TV, going on Netflix and watching a cartoon. Raiden looked at the TV for a bit, before looking at Alyssa’s backpack.
    “You don’t have any papers to work on?”, he questioned. Alyssa shook her head, “Students don’t get homework on Friday.” Raiden turned his attention back to the TV, watching the cartoon.
    “What is the purpose of this. . .thing?”, Raiden questioned again.
    “Just to entertain people.”, Alyssa replied. The room was silent, besides the characters talking in the show. Every now and then, Alyssa would notice Raiden looking at the stuffed animals on her bed. She finally smiled and said, “Yes Raiden, they’re supposed to look like that, maybe they’re even staring into your soul.” Alyssa then noticed, Raiden, tense. She was confused. Was he offeneded?
    “What’s wrong?”, she asked. Raiden looked down at her and then sighed, ” Nothing. Just a small memory.” Alyssa stayed silent. She didn’t feel like pushing his limits, that is if he had a limit.

    Raiden stayed quiet as well. He didn’t like thinking of one of Earthrealm’s greatest threats. Even if he was dead.

    Alyssa went to bed early that night. She, again, offered to sleep somewhere else so that Raiden can have a place to sleep. He denied, saying that he wanted to stay awake a little longer, just to think to himself. Alyssa gave up and turned in for the night. Raiden sat on the floor, one knee to his chest and his hands resting on his knee. He let his head rest on the draw behind him. Of course it was a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t sure how long he sat on the floor, but Raiden remembered the room going completely black before seeing part of his memories.

    Raiden was kneeling before Shao Khan , gasping for air as his powers drained from him. He knew he failed at his job; protecting Earthrealm. Raiden knew what happened next, death. He waited, but nothing happened, Raiden looked up, in time to see a purple knight, drive their sword into Shao Khan’s chest. What surprised Raiden the most, was that the warrior looked like Alyssa.

    Raiden woke up and looked around. He was still in Alyssa’s room. He gave a relieved sigh. Raiden looked toward Alyssa. Alyssa was sleeping toward him. Raiden tilted his head, smiling to himself.
    “I never realized how adorable she looked while sleeping.”,Raiden thought to himself. Raiden stared at her for a moment. He felt a sudden urge in his chest. Raiden then remembered something and started shaking Alyssa awake.
    “Lee, get up! Come on!”, he whispered. Alyssa groaned and looked up at him, “Ray? What time is it?”, she asked.
    “Doesn’t matter, we have to find something, before it’s too late.

    Raiden went back to the Trading Post with Alyssa. Raiden opened the doors and looked around, “We need to find Kung Lao’s amulet.”, he said, looking at Alyssa.


    This is great. You should be hired to write the second season of MKC.


    Thank you!


    Title: One Still Lives

    “What am I supposed to keep an eye out for then?” ,Alyssa questioned.

    “A medal with an image of a dragon on it.” ,Raiden replied. “I’ll start looking in the rooms upstairs, you check down here.” Alyssa nodded. As Raiden went upstairs, Alyssa checked in the most obvious places to put an amulet. Or, what she considered was ‘obvious’. After checking areas that were obvious choices to place an amulet, Alyssa checked places in which a person would porpously hide something. In pillowcases, under mattresses, under stacked items, etc.

    Alyssa sighed as she failed to find the amulet once more.
    “Ok, where or what have a not checked thoroughly?” Alyssa looked around before bringing her hand to her forehead.
    “The floor.” ,She muttered. Alyssa got on her hands and knees and checked in spaces the amulet could of been hidden in. After even more failed attempts, Alyssa rested her head on a purple piece of fabric and sighed. But something hard was hurting the back of her head. Alyssa pushed aside some of the fabric.

    There lied a golden amulet with a dragon in the middle of it.
    “Out of the places in here-” She stopped when she heard something. And it wasn’t coming from upstairs.

    Alyssa quickly put the amulet in her back pocket and concealed herself behind a concrete pillar. She peered to the side, but nothing was there. Alyssa questioned herself before she felt something grasp her neck and started to choke her. Alyssa started scratching at the hand, her attention on the figure who owned the hand.

    It was a figure in all black. Not even their face was showing. Behind him, an eerie portal. Alyssa glared at the figure and dug her nails into its skin before dragging them across the hand. Blood gushed out, but the figure still didn’t let go. The figure turned the portal and threw Alyssa in, before walking in himself.

    Raiden could hear the wind whipping down below. He rushed down, seeing Alyssa in front of the portal, being held by the neck by a Shadow Priest.
    “NO!” ,He cried out as Alyssa was thrown in the portal. The Shadow Priest looked at Raiden. Raiden stared back, clenching his fists. The Shadow Priest left with his victim.

    Raiden now felt helpless. No amulet was found and know Shao Khan had possession of his only ally, who he would probably eliminate. Raiden’s clenched hand shook. Raiden used his frustration against the wall, leaving a hole in it. After staring at the hole, he placed his head against the wall.
    “Alyssa, I’m so sorry.”

    Alyssa finally hit ground, landing stomach first, coughing. She got up on her knees and started swallowing air for herself.
    That left a mark.” ,She thought, getting up on her feet.

    “Well, well, well, look at what we’ve got here.” ,A voice growled. Alyssa was met with a towering figure in all black and a skull mask for his face. Alyssa remebered this figure from her dream, before she met Raiden.

    Alyssa was stuck in place as he approached her. The man looked down at her, seeing fear in the girl’s eyes. He touched her chin and raised it, seeing the red mark on her skin where the Shadow Priest choked her.

    “She’s a lot more ficestier than predicted.” ,The Shadow Priest said, showing his bloody hand. The man laughed and looked down at Alyssa once more.
    “Hiding something, aren’t we?”
    “It was self defense, he was chocking me.” Alyssa blurted. The man laughed even more.
    “Don’t act like we don’t know about you and that Thunder God.”
    “There’s a Thunder God?” Alyssa asked, playing stupid. She knew it might not work, but their was no way she was throwing Raiden and the amulet under the bus.

    Alyssa was smacked with his forearm, sending her back down to the ground.

    “DON’T PLAY DUMB WITH ME!” ,The man shouted.
    “About what?” This earned Alyssa a kick in the rib cage, making her cough more than before.

    “If you won’t talk, then we’ll make you talk.”

    Morning came and Alyssa still had not came back to the Trading Post. Raiden didn’t know why he expected her to. She was gone one way or the other. He kept telling himself not to think of such things, but he knew it was true.

    Raiden sat on a chair at the table he once shared with his allies. He watched as the sun rose to the window, lighting everything inside. He would enjoy it if he could. Raiden buried his face in his hands and cried.

    Alyssa woke up in her stone cell, covered in blood from the tortures they had given her. He arms were cut, along with he torso, and legs. Standing sent pain throughout her body and just carrying her arms hurt as well. She felt weak and tired, but she never dared to close her eyes as it was her fear it would be her final time doing so.

    Alyssa breathed in sharp breaths of air, even breathing hurt, but she didn’t care. She rested her head against the rock wall behind her. All was silent for a bit. Until she heard a squeak. Alyssa looked out of the corner of her eye. A small, purple, dog-like animal with spikes approached her. Alyssa watched as it sniffed her wounds, before curling up on her lap. Alyssa hesitated as she brought her hand to its head and touched it. A wave of relief washed through her. She pet the dog, feeling relaxed at last. That was before a Shadow Priest opened her cell and grabbed her.

    The Shadow Priest prepared his tools, Alyssa was already chained up, but growling. Literally. She was squirming around in her chains, her eyes clenched closed and growling, as if she was fighting something. The purple dog by her feet, unnoticed by the Priest, watched. Concern was written all over its face. The Shadow Priest chuckled darkly at Alyssa’s sounds. He approached her, a sord-saw tool in his hands.
    “Prepared to fight today?” His response were two purple eyes and a loud growl from Alyssa. The Shadow Priest backed up. Alyssa broke her chains above her and whipped them at the Shadow Priest, knocking him down. Alyssa’s nails became claws and she slashed down on the Priest.

    Raiden sat on his rock near a lake, outside of Zhu Zin. His knee was near his chest and his arms were on that knee. He stared out to the lake. His amulet suddenly started glowing. Surprised, Raiden took it off his robes. It glowed a bright blue.
    “Alyssa?” Raiden sat their for a moment, questioning if he should teleport to her. He gripped the amulet tighter and teleported.

    Raiden was teleported deeper in to the forest. He looked around frantically for a figure. His eyes stopped on a figure, its head lowered, and walking slowly, a creature walking beside it. The figure stopped and leaned against a tree.
    “L-Lee?” Raiden called out. Alyssa picked up her head, opening one eye, and seeing Raiden, far away from her reach. Raiden watched as she took a small step towards him. She froze for a moment. Alyssa dropped onto her knees.

    Raiden ran at her, catching her in his arms. Raiden looked down at her, before glancing at the creature that was walking beside her. It was a small OutWorld dog. It whimpered and nudged its nose against Alyssa’s cheek. Raiden looked back down at her, her head against his chest. She was breathing lightly, her skin was cold, and Raiden could see the deep cuts made in her arms, the blood still stained there.

    Raiden took of the blue part of his clothing and wrapped it around her. Tears welded up in his eye.
    “Lee?” Her light breathing was his only response. He held her closer, bringing his head down and letting his tears stream down his face.
    “Lee, I’m so sorry. I promise, I’ll make everything alright again. This time, I’ll stick by your side, no matter what.” Raiden whispered.


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