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    Given the way the finale of season one left so many unanswered questions, I have always thought of how a second season would start and progress (based also on hypothesised timeline of events should the second season have existed) ; this is the opening episode of the anticipated second season of MK: Conquest……

    We see flashbacks and recaps from the closing moments of ‘Vengeance’, the camera switches between Kung Lao, Siro and Taja battling impossible odds and a broken Raiden on the throne room floor of Shao Kahn’s palace. Kahn pontificates about his playing of pawns in his masterful plans and how pathetic Raiden and his Earthrealm warriors are. Raiden, reminds Kahn that Kung Lao defeated his best in Mortal Kombat and Kahn’s only gains victory through deceit and cowardliness. Raiden’s backchat enrages Kahn, who picks up his blade and swings to strike down Raiden once and for all….

    As Kahn’s blade strikes Raiden, a flash of energy knocks Kahn back across the room, into the backdrop of a plane of non existence, Raiden remains unharmed and looks dazed and confused.
    Kahn confused, brings himself to his feet ‘What is this trickery, it wont save you Raiden’.

    A Voice [Elder God] booms ‘Shao Kahn, you have defiled the scared rules of the Mortal Kombat Tournament and the laws of the elder gods – such an affront to the gods will not go unnoticed, nor unpunished’

    Kahn enraged, spit flying from his lips ‘Defiled sacred rules, rubbish, I was invited into the realm. I cannot be blamed for the stupidity of others!’

    A different Voice [Another Elder God] booms back ‘Do not test our patience Kahn with your schemes, you thought you could cheat our laws and the rules of Mortal Kombat with a ‘back door’ portal into the realm, that you fooled naive mortals into worshipping you as a deity’

    Another [Elder God] interjects ‘We would not concern ourselves with the petty wars and schemes of mortals ordinarily, they are of little concern to us. However, you know full well Kahn, that the Earthrealm has secured its freedom from direct invasion for one generation, with Kung Lao’s victory over your champion Tsung. You dare defy our scarred laws with a full invasion, not even a decade after Earthrealms victory, you have gone too far Kahn!’

    The first voice [Elder god] continues ‘there will be consequences to your actions Kahn and you will know the wrath of the Elder Gods – all your work today will be undone, your portals to Earthrealm will be closed and should your warriors loose the next Mortal Kombat Tournament, Earthrealms safety from invasion will be guaranteed for 500 years’

    Kahn furious, itching to rant and rave, pacing back and forth shouts back ‘Petty fools, you know my power, you are weak and terrified of Shao Kahn, your petty rules will not save you forever, it will be of little consequence in the end, you can delay the inevitable but I will be victorious and rule all realms one day!’

    At the conclusion of Kahn’s rant, elemental energy surrounds Raiden, circling him, with a flash, Raiden is restored, lighting coursing through his eyes, sparks of lighting shooting from his body – the voice of the Elder God’s chime in ‘Raiden, send Kahn back to his realm, we tire of his ravings..Finish Him!’

    With that Raiden smirks a wry smile, Raiden teleports behind Kahn and immediately connecting with a roundhouse kick, Kahn is sent flying with a groan across the spaceless dimension and to the ‘ground’, Kahn enraged, jumps to his feet and Shadow charges at Raiden. Raiden teleports again, behind Kahn, grabbing Kahns head, Raiden sends a thunderous charge of lighting through Kahns body, causing an x-ray effect, Kahn writhes in pain and begins to swing wildly, Raiden dodges, until Kahn is so exhausted he can only sway – Raiden delivers an earth shattering uppercut to Kahn’s chin, which sends Kahn hurtling back, landing on his backside – but now back in his thrown room in Outworld.

    The scene is now back with Kung Lao, Siro and Taja – battling Kahn’s grunts, all looks hopeless when suddenly the skys rip asunder, Kahn’s minions are pulled back through the portals screaming in pain – a flash and Kung Lao, Siro and Taja are now back in the trading post, looking at each other scratching there heads as to what just happened and how. Raiden appears, explaining the elder god’s intervention and Kahn’s punishment. Siro and Taja looked relieved and are positive towards the news that should outworld loose the next tornement the gods have decreed Earthrealms safety will be assured for 500 years. Siro and Taja vow to redouble their efforts in helping Kung Lao prepare and find warriors for the next tournement, even if they will probably be too decrepit by then to fight at in it themselves. Kung Lao, trying to keep a positive outward exterior, has flash backs of Omegis’ warning, to die young and not live forever – does Kung Lao really want to live for 500 years, should be win the next tournament?

    As the screen leaves the shot of Kung Lao contemplating his predicament – we are back with Kahn in his throne room in outworld. Kahn has assembled his advisers, around him. ‘The Elder God’s petty punishments are a minor set back, it will make little difference’ – Kahn snarls ‘I have purged my ranks of spies, traitors and schemers, other realms have fell to my legions and there will be no failure at the next tournament!’

    ‘No Emperor!’ – Kahn’s advisers roar, Kahn dismisses the gathered advisers. Out of the shadows, one of Kahn’s trusted shadow priests emerges to inform Kahn ‘The chamber and preparations are ready your excellence’

    ‘Good’, ‘Kung Lao will never make it to the next Mortal Kombat tournament and without their champion to train new fighters either, earthrealm will never stand in my way of total victory again! Time to pit him against a warrior the like none have faced before’

    The scene moves to a chamber where a lifeless body of a warrior wrapped in bandages lays on a stone slab, Several shadow priests stand around the slab, Kahn raises his hand, soul stealing all the shadow priests and sending the souls surging through the body. Kahn chuckles, the camera gives a close up of the bodies eyes opening revealing glowing green orbs.

    Credits roll…. ready for the next upcoming; Episode Two – You are one, we are many…

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