Past and Present

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    A/N: Sorry it took me so long to acctually get to type up the second made up episode.

    Alyssa looked out side of the amulet, looking around at the items around in the building.
    “Well, do you mind if we headed back to school? Missing a class affects my grades.”, Alyssa said, looking up as if Raiden was looking down at her.

    “Grades? What are those?”, he asked. Alyssa mentally facepalmed herself,”Right, not only is he from a different place, but maybe also a different time.” she thought to herself. Alyssa tried thinking of a way to explain grades.
    “Scores that help decide if I pass or fail school.”, Alyssa finally responded. Raiden was still some what confused. “Is it a live or die situation?”
    “Kind of,-”
    That’s all it took for Raiden to switch spots. Alyssa was back in the hallway, holding her items she needed for class. Alyssa stared down at the amulet for a moment, before a voice broke her out of her trance.

    “Alyssa, were are you coming from?” Alyssa jumped and looked behind her, seeing Striker. Her heart started skipping beats, what now?
    “I’m coming from. . . the nurse?”, she responded. Striker raised a brow.
    “I had a headache.” Striker sighed and allowed her to get to class. Alyssa used the same excuse to tell her teacher why she was late. The rest of the day was normal.

    Alyssa got home and laied out on her bed, her face in her pillows. Raiden came out of the amulet, in his human form, looking down at the red head.
    “Are you alright?”, he asked. Alyssa nodded taking her face out of the pillows, “It’s been a long week for me, I’m just happy it’s Friday going onto Saturday. Oh and by the way, no more little trips
    during school. It’ll kill me.”, she said. Raiden gave her his confused look again, “How?” Alyssa sighed and shook her head, “Nevermind.” Alyssa turned on the TV, going on Netflix and watching a cartoon. Raiden looked at the TV for a bit, before looking at Alyssa’s backpack.
    “You don’t have any papers to work on?”, he questioned. Alyssa shook her head, “Students don’t get homework on Friday.” Raiden turned his attention back to the TV, watching the cartoon.
    “What is the purpose of this. . .thing?”, Raiden questioned again.
    “Just to entertain people.”, Alyssa replied. The room was silent, besides the characters talking in the show. Every now and then, Alyssa would notice Raiden looking at the stuffed animals on her bed. She finally smiled and said, “Yes Raiden, they’re supposed to look like that, maybe they’re even staring into your soul.” Alyssa then noticed, Raiden, tense. She was confused. Was he offeneded?
    “What’s wrong?”, she asked. Raiden looked down at her and then sighed, ” Nothing. Just a small memory.” Alyssa stayed silent. She didn’t feel like pushing his limits, that is if he had a limit.

    Raiden stayed quiet as well. He didn’t like thinking of one of Earthrealm’s greatest threats. Even if he was dead.

    Alyssa went to bed early that night. She, again, offered to sleep somewhere else so that Raiden can have a place to sleep. He denied, saying that he wanted to stay awake a little longer, just to think to himself. Alyssa gave up and turned in for the night. Raiden sat on the floor, one knee to his chest and his hands resting on his knee. He let his head rest on the draw behind him. Of course it was a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t sure how long he sat on the floor, but Raiden remembered the room going completely black before seeing part of his memories.

    Raiden was kneeling before Shao Khan , gasping for air as his powers drained from him. He knew he failed at his job; protecting Earthrealm. Raiden knew what happened next, death. He waited, but nothing happened, Raiden looked up, in time to see a purple knight, drive their sword into Shao Khan’s chest. What surprised Raiden the most, was that the warrior looked like Alyssa.

    Raiden woke up and looked around. He was still in Alyssa’s room. He gave a relieved sigh. Raiden looked toward Alyssa. Alyssa was sleeping toward him. Raiden tilted his head, smiling to himself.
    I never realized how adorable she looked while sleeping.”,Raiden thought to himself. Raiden stared at her for a moment. He felt a sudden urge in his chest. Raiden then remembered something and started shaking Alyssa awake.
    “Lee, get up! Come on!”, he whispered. Alyssa groaned and looked up at him, “Ray? What time is it?”, she asked.
    “Doesn’t matter, we have to find something, before it’s too late.

    Raiden went back to the Trading Post with Alyssa. Raiden opened the doors and looked around, “We need to find Kung Lao’s amulet.”, he said, looking at Alyssa.


    Very good, hehe.


    Thanks, sorry I posted it twice 😅

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